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GSM-EL-SA900A is a Mini Cellular Repeater for GSM cellular signals.
1)used for small area coverage
2)easy to install and free of maintenance

Our GSM Mini Cellular Repeater provides an affordable solution to solve the indoor coverage problems due to signal fading and attenuation caused by architecture obstacles.


The GSM Signal Amplifier is mainly deployed for small points of in-building wireless signal coverage, when installation of standard repeaters will generate great interference to the wireless network or the area to be covered is widely distributed. Its easy installation and maintenance can help carrier get fast return.


The GSM Signal Amplifier works as a relay between the BTS and mobiles. It picks up the strongest signal from the BTS via the Donor Antenna, linearly amplifies the signal and then retransmits it via the Coverage Antenna to the weak/blind coverage area. And the mobile signal is also amplified and retransmitted to the BTS via the opposite direction.


See the overview of Mini Cellular Repeater .


Mini Repeater


Features for Mini Repeater


  • Super-compact size with light weight to facilitate wall-mount installation;
  • Low power consumption and no interference to BTS;
  • Smart Automatic Level Control (ALC) ensures output level stable and adjustable continuously;
  • Unique color LEDs to indicate power supply and signal level of uplink and downlink;
  • Linear power amplification to effectively suppress intermodulation and spurious emission;
  • "Plug & Play" - basically no needs for configuration and free of maintenance.



Application for Mini Cellular Repeater


To expand signal coverage or fill signal blind area where signal is weak or unavailable.

  • Small blind area or weak-signal area, e.g. underground or semi-underground rooms, small basements, underground parking lots;
  • Small zones with hot traffic: meeting rooms, supermarkets, offices, pubs, coffee shops, gyms, etc.;
  • Elevators (especially when cabling in the elevator shaft is difficult);
  • Private homes or villas at outskirts with bad signal coverage.


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GSM Mini Cellular Repeater - MR300 Series
Mini Cellular Repeater for GSM
Specification - Mini Cellular Repeater
A) High-gain linear power amplifier
B) AGC (ALC) - automatic gain/level control;
C) Ultra-low noise receive amplifier;
D) There is no interference to the base station, after the opening the original system and the base station without the need to adjust parameters;
E) Stable and reliable electromagnetic compatibility design;
F) The base station dose not cause an increase in background noise, but will not lead to a decline in the quality of the base station communications
G) With full-duplex communication mode
H) Gain suitable for the coverage area;
I) Easy installation (Plug and Play);



for references only, customized products will be with different parameters according to requirement.


Operating bands [MHz]: uplink:890-915MHz; Downlink: 935~960MHz;
Output power [dBm]: Uplink:10dBm; Downlink:10dBm
Gain [dB]:Uplink: Gp≥50dB; Downlink: Gp≥50dB
Max group delay [ μs]:≤0.5
Port VSWR≤1.8Dd
Noise figure≤6dB
Input attenuation (adj. manually) [dB]: 0-31 (step 1)
AGC range [dB]: up to 20
Indoor coverage area [m2]: up to 100Sqm
I/O impedence 50Ω/N connector
a) Power supply LED denote
b)Export power ELD denote
Certificates: CE, (ETSI 300 609 -4), RoHS
Dimensions [mm] : 134mm*95mm*28mm
Net Weight: 400g
Antenna connectors (for outdoor/indoor antenna): N-f/N-f