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2.5G-3G mobile communication technology has become widely used of industrials and utilities in recent years and many customers are seeking reliable, flexible and cost-effective data channel to build their information system. Many applications such as ATM, POS, SCADA and surveillance system will require data channels covered all country; this brings a bright future for mobile data networks applications. Requirements towards information system are varied because of different features of numerous industrial applications. Mobile telecom service providers are required to provide industrial application solutions not only meeting common specifications and also individual special ones.

Ethernet is migrating from traditional IT equipment and being adopted as a standard interface for many types of machines, however challenges arise at customers sites where the LAN infrastructure is outside your control.

The VS700 VPN Router is easy to install, reducing the reliance on the end customer and enables direct access to your remote LAN devices for control and monitoring purposes.

VS700 Cellular VPN Router enables companies to remotely access equipment at mobile, remote networks and isolated sites.

VS700 VPN Router offers lineate network routing optimized for machines, small networks and specialised Fixed IP services now available from wireless operators. It offers low cost router operation through Dial-out, Dial-in and Always Connected modes of operation.

VS700 VPN Router also supports VPN function for the high security transmission.


Financial (Transaction Data)
Transportation (Monitoring & Control)
Security (Monitoring & Control)
Telecommunications (Monitor & Control)
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VPN Server
AC 100~240V
High Quality VPN System
Secure and Reliable Firewall System
Easy To Use and Flexible
Intelligent Router
Multi-Priority Flow Management
Ensure Network’ Reliability
Complete Management
Logging Function
Always on line .
Support Firmware update for better quality
Firewall Throughput: 100Mbps
VPN Encrypt:5M~200M bps
Intercurrent Conversation: 8192~327680
Conversation Process: 2250~45000/s
VPN Channel: 100~5000
Steel shell: good electromagnetic shield and ,
heat radiate performance
Electromagnetic Compatible
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): 3 class
Radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field immunity test: 3 class
Storage Temperature: -40 ~ 85°C
Working Temperature: -30 ~ 75°C
Humidity: 95% (non-condensing)
Product Module Module Qty. Network Power Interface VPN Wi-Fi Order No.
VS7040 N/A N/A Wire AC 110V~240V WAN X 4/LAN X 4 NO NO