Differences between industrial class and SOHO class... As we know, the devices mainly cover three classes, that is SOHO class, Industrial class and Military class.  Each class has its own application requirement. The SOHO class modem and router don’t meet the requirements of the industrial environment and standard entirely because of it is designed for office automation....

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Wire Your Home or Business Right with a 4G Wifi Router Transforming a home or office into a hub for wireless communication takes specialized equipment, such as a VPN router or 4G wifi router. At E-Lins, we specialize in all the equipment required to m2m, power smartphones, computers, tablets and other devices, such as security systems. It is our aim to offer the best router...

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IoT connectivity and M2M IoT Data SIMs True IoT innovation which involves connectivity as part of its wider eco-system is likely to demand more than just a data SIM. And it’s here that we remind potential customers that IoT is inextricably linked to a user’s corporate network, and as such is a vital component to their operation and processes...

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Orange helps Sensile Tech monitor Oil & Gas with M2M About Sensile Technologies Sensile Technologies is a forerunner in the Internet of Things (IoT) market and a leading provider of solutions for remote monitoring of tank levels for the oil and propane industry. Founded in 1999 and based in Morges, Switzerland, Sensile Technologies has extensive experience in high-quality...

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Dual SIM industrial router H750 Quick Start Before Installation and Configuration H750 router has different version. Study your router version before installation. For GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA/HSPA+/4G LTE version, please get a SIM card with data business. For CDMA2000 EVDO/CDMA1x version, please get a UIM card with data business or inform us before...

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Wireless M2M Solution with 3G Modem and 3G Router

Category : Wireless M2M

What can machines do?

Only a robot work? Or course not. Nowadays the machine become smarter and smarter. The machines can talk with human being if we get wireless M2M solution with 3g modem and 3g router.

See what wireless m2m does.

Wireless M2M solution with 3g router and 3g modem

We can make all machines in different area connect just with wireless network.
Smart Energy, tank, fleet, renewable system, medical centre, finance, CCTV, all other field can do with wireless m2m.


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