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iPad 3G Network Mate – IpadMate100 is one multi-function iPad cases product built-in portable 3G Wireless Router with Network Attached Storage(NAS) support.
The IpadMate100 iPad Case is the most functional case available for the thinner model of the iPad2. The iPad Case is adjustable to proper angle with its innovative Velcro design. It provides ability to access 3G USB dongles, USB storage devices and TF storage card for iPad over Wi-Fi. 
Comparing to other iPad Mate, the iPadMate100 can help iPad WiFi version access 3G connection;
The IpadMate100 can help iPad expand the storage capacity;
The IpadMate100 can execute function similar to “Camera Kit”;
The IpadMate100 can help iPad connect to cable Ethernet network.

What can IpadMate100 do?


IpadMate100 is one device extends three frequently-used ports (USB Host, SD/TF Card, and Ethernet) for your apple’s device over wifi.
There are no one standard USB Host, SD/TF Card and Ethernet interface on your apple’s device, but sometimes we need connect some USB devices such as USB Mass storage disk, Digital camera, usb card reader and etc base your iPad UI, now iPadMate100 can help you read documents, video files, photos from those storage media on iPad device.
If you put one 16G/32G TF card into the IpadMate100’s TF slot, that mean your iPad’s storage capacity raise 16G/32G.

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Maybe your iPad is one wifi version device, How to access internet in the place no public wifi AP signal casting? Now you can insert one USB 3G dongle into IpadMate100’s USB Host, IpadMate100 will share the 3G bandwidth into wifi client, so your iPad can connect to internet yet.


When you live in one hotel for business travel, and found no wifi surfing on internet service but only cable Ethernet connection provided. iPad can not connect Ethernet Port, Now you can put the Ethernet cable in your room to iPadMate100’s RJ45 port, so iPadMate100 can convert the cable connection to wifi connection, your iPad can surfing on internet over the Ethernet cable connection.

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Appearance - iPadMate100

iPad Mate 100 Router

multi-function iPad cases: case + port extender + 3G + WiFi AP + Mobile Storage Centre


Built-in Battery with Capacity: Li-ion 3000mAh for 5-7 hours operation


With USB port for 3G dongle modem


802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi to be WiFi AP


Details: iPadMate100 Datasheet
229mm×50mm×10mm (3G Router Dimension)
246mm×220mm×28mm (iPad Case Dimension)
Product WiFi Other
iPadMate100 802.11b/g/n iPad Mate